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    Table of Contents + 1 other Question (Word 97-SR-2)

    Hello All

    I have a MS-Word document:
    1) In the statusbar it says it has 445 pages.
    2) If I use Word Count it says that I have 445 pages.

    Now my table of contents starts at page 1 and goes to page 12, but the items in it, the first Header is on page 12, says first header is on page 23 and the last item is on page 396.

    I saved the document and closed Word, and re-launched and it still thinks the same. How do I make my TOC behave correctly?

    Also is there a way to have the TOC disregard the pages that it uses. In other words have it show that the first header is on page 1. Actually thinking that page 12 will be the first page in the document.

    Second question, is how do I scan this list for subjects I want to learn about?

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    Re: Table of Contents + 1 other Question (Word 97-SR-2)


    Not sure I'm visualizing the situation correctly so here's a question: have you already set the page number for the first "regular" page (i.e. the first page after the TOC) to start at 1? - if so, the TOC should reflect that page numbering.

    Another strategy you can resort to is to simply place the TOC at the end, rather than at the beginning of the document. That way your text on page 1 really is on page 1.

    As to scanning a list of subjects to learn about, there really isn't an organized source here. Best you can do is click on the Search button above, while in this forum, and do a search on a keyword - this should produce a list of prior posts on that topic.


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    Re: Table of Contents + 1 other Question (Word 97-SR-2)

    Do you have a section break between the TOC and the document? You need one, to set page 1 of the document as page 1.

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