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    Hi folks,

    A minor point but one that makes me wonder. I'm using the Office 2007 version that came with my new(-ish) Lenovo ThinkPad T400, running under 64-bit Windows 7 Home Premium. Any time I double-click on an e-mail attachment that's a Word or Excel document to open it I get the usual warning box ("You should only open attachments from a trustworthy source.") with Open or Save options, but the check-box to "Always ask before opening this type of file" is always greyed out and inaccessible. My user account is set to Administrator level. How can I get to this check-box and un-check the option?

    This doesn't happen with other types of attachments; JPGs and PDFs, for example, open immediately on double-clicking, with no "are you sure?" interruption..


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    In Vista and Win 7, being an Administrator is not what you would think. Does this thread help?
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