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    Here's a new Acer Aspire 5732Z, loaded with W7 Premium.
    I installed Ntdetect and Ntldr, then partitoned the HD with BCDEDIT.
    I then booted from my XP CD, which loaded it's installation files as usual, then went to BSOD, saying, among other things, your computer might be infected with a virus.
    I then wiped the HD with Killdisk and tried to load XP clean. Same result.

    Can the BIOS be set to not recognize XP?

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    Hi Ron,

    Welcome to the Lounge!

    It is recommended to already have the older OS installed on a system before installing Windows 7 for a dual boot configuration. There are less potential difficulties when done in this manner.

    However, since that would involve quite an undertaking, there is a tutorial located here that takes you step by step in the installation of XP on a machine that already has Windows 7 installed. The article describes the steps for installing in either scenario (Win7 on an XP system or XP on a Win7 system). I have not tried what you are attempting to do. My PC already had XP on it when I bought the Win7 upgrade, and dual booting was easy to set up.

    Hope this helps.

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    What version of XP are you trying to install with? Sounds like you have either loaded compatible SATA drivers or set the BIOS to emulate IDE or you wouldn't get anywhere in the installation but if its an older version (Pre SP2) of XP, there still may be other hardware incompatibilities such as the PCI-E slot, that are recognized in later versions of XP. There is also a boot virus check option in most BIOS registers that may (or may not) account for the early virus warning.

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