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    Running WindowsXP SP3 Have a Belkin N+ wireless adsl router which works fine.
    My PC connects via a wireless USB adapter which normally connencts on start up.
    Recently my system occasionally does not register the presence of this unit. I have found if I unplug the adapter and then plug it back in my system will find it and all will then be OK.
    This doesn't happen all the time but has occurred twice in the past week. I'd like to investigate possible causes to try and deal with it although I appreciate that it might be difficult as it is only intermittent.

    Anyone got any ideas?

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    Hi Peter and welcome to the Lounge!

    First, I would plug the device into another USB port to see if the problem continues. I have a seven year old XP SP3 machine that has two USB ports that are dead, but the others work fine. Before the two completely died, I had some intermittent problems with them. Both ports are on a small card that is connected to my motherboard (not a PCI USB card), so evidently the card failed. The working USB ports are built into my motherboard.

    If you installed any Belkin software for managing your wireless network other than the drivers for the wireless USB adapter, you might try uninstalling the software and allow Windows to manage your wireless connection. I have found Windows to do a better job of managing your wireless connections than the third party software supplied with routers and network adapters.

    I would also investigate a BIOS update for your motherboard, and updating chipset drivers for your motherboard if you have never done so.

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    USB can be unreliable - as you have discovered. You'll have to live with it, unless you want to install an internal network adapter.

    cheers, Paul

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