XP/SP3. For quite some time (years), at some point during *some sessions all of a sudden the onscreen font size in the current browser (typically Opera) and email client (Sylpheed) will get noticeably smaller. Even the font size and icons on the Windows desktop look smaller, including on the task bar and sys tray. It's as if the size goes from, say, 9pt to 8pt or maybe even 7.5pt (but not too small to continue working). Rebooting gets it back to normal. What's causing it? Sometimes I've noticed it followed some app crashing. Other times, such as a few minutes ago, it was coincident with opening a PDF from a website. But not just any PDF, since I had been reading others from the same site immediately before the changed happened, and had not closed Acrobat Pro (CS3). Does that suggest a cumulative effect, or some bug in Adobe Acrobat? I don't know, but the whole thing has puzzled me, and so I've finally decided to ask. Have others seen this? Is this a known quirk of XP? Thanks,