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    I live and work in Canada, and use "English (Canada)" as my default language format. I also do some web-entry work on a website that demands that I set "English (United States)" as the operational language while I'm at that site. When I leave the site, I change back to my preferred format. However, the official standards in Canada call largely for metric measurements except where most software and printing applications are concerned. In these cases, U.S. is the functional measurement system, so I have to make one special change each time I switch back to my home format. Also, I'd like to customise the Date format for Long date. The only day-first option is d-MMM-yy (13-Apr-10) and I want one that is dd MMMM yyyy (13 April 2010).

    My question is whether I can create a custom Region and Language option that will use all my preferred Canadian settings except for measurement, which I'd leave as U.S., and Date format. Is it possible?
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    You may have already followed these suggestions, I am not sure if this will help. Still looking.

    BTW, it appears in long date drop down list the dd MMMM,yyyy gives the output you desire. Oops, sorry I see you mentioned this. This option is in the drop down list on my system. Does it not show on your system. I have English US as default. Oops again, I see that you do not have that date option in the English Canadian setting, hmmmm...

    I will continue to look and report back if I find anything helpful.
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