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    Not sure where to post, but since I'm using the RTM version of Word 2010, as opposed to the beta, I thought I'd start here.

    In Word 2007, I could manipulate the footnote separator line by doing the following:

    • changing to Draft view,
    • clicking "Show Notes" on the References tab,
    • changing the drop-down in the Note Pane to "Footnote Separator,"
    • deleting the existing line,
    • inserting a horizontal line via the Borders button in the Paragraph group on the Home tab;
    • right-clicking the line and choosing the Format Horizontal Line command, and then
    • tweaking the line via settings in the Horizontal Line dialog.

    In Word 2010, all of those same steps work, more or less, except the last two. The context menu that appears when I right-click the line doesn't offer a "Format Horizontal Line" command or anything similar. Worse, it appears to put the line into a frame or text box that is difficult to manipulate (it turns the mouse pointer into a selection tool even though I don't want to use it that way).

    I can open a Horizontal Line dialog by right-clicking, clicking the Borders and Shading command on the pop-up menu, and then clicking the Horizontal Line button at the lower left side of the Borders and Shading dialog. However, the Horizontal Line dialog that appears in Word 2010 differs significantly from the one in Word 2007. In particular, it lacks any apparent way to adjust the formatting of the inserted line.

    There are a couple of crude size controls available by right-clicking, but not the full range of configuration options available in the Format Horizontal Line dialog in Word 2007.

    It doesn't appear to matter if the file is a .doc or a .docx.

    Is there another way to invoke a Horizontal Line dialog in Word 2010 that offers the same options as the one in Word 2007? Or perhaps another way to insert and manipulate a horizontal line to replace the standard footnote separator?

    Thanks very much in advance.

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    hey! that's the secret! Draft mode and then customise footnotes.Thank you.

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