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    I'm about to renew my subscription to Norton Internet Security (3 user version), which runs at home on two computers (my wife's and mine).

    We are American citizens living in the Netherlands. Last year we bought NIS 2009 (UK version). In the past, when I've renewed using a credit card with a Dutch billing address, everything defaulted into a Dutch-language version, or (worse still) a mixture of Dutch and English. My Dutch is good but my wife's isn't, so I need a workaround to be sure that we keep the English-language version. (In the past I still had a credit card with a US billing address to solve this problem, but I no longer have this card.)

    Any suggestions for solving this problem?


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    Hi Joel,

    Have you tried contacting Norton Customer Service to see what they can do about this matter? Hopefully they have some means in place to ensure delivery of an English language version in situations such as yours.

    If they do not, how about ordering Norton 2010 through Amazon US and specifying an English language copy. You can check out any possible rebates for buying the latest version, and it may not cost you any more than the renewal subscription for the 2009 version. Just a thought.

    Best wishes.

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