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    I moved my taskbar to the top of the screen (instead of the bottom). Now whenever I run applications that are not maximized, the window locations creep up each time I restart the application. It's as if the window manager is not storing or not reading the location correctly. Each time an application is opened it is higher on the window than the time before by the width of the taskbar.

    To make matters worse, Windows 7 allows application windows to go behind the taskbar so that you can't even pick the titlebar of the window to move it unless you first click on the side or bottom boarder of the window to first snap the top of the window down below the taskbar.

    I realize that you can no longer have other windows on top of the taskbar (why did they remove this functionality?), but at least if it would save the window locations properly, I would only have to move them once.

    Any suggestions???


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    I'm not sure if this will help, but it may be worth a look at. Also, if you can't see the taskbar, try windows+T to return focus to the taskbar. Use arrow keys to move to different apps listed, then enter to open app. Esc will return to desktop.
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