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    I work at a small church. I am not involved in Maintenance but I do have needs for maintenance. I think I could create an Access DB to do what I need, except I'm not sure how it could be accessed. All of our people that are involved in maintence are volunteers and do not have access to the church network. I am looking for a small plant DB where we could enter regular maintenance items, change AC filters, that type of thing, along with work orders for new items, such as repair broken sprinkler.

    Is there an Access DB out there that I could use and adapt to our needs or would I be better off trying to build one from scratch? If I do that, how hard is it to make it available across the internet. We do have a web site but I'm not sure what we are able to do with it. Thanks for any help that you could provide.

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    I would try it in Excel first, then you can make changes as required - make sure you backup often.

    cheers, Paul

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    If you decide to tackle a Database (BTW, Access 2010 offers some pretty cool stuff for publishing information from the database to a website), you might want to look at a new book by Henning, Bradly, et. al. Microsoft Access Small Business Solutons.... It has a Services section that covers event tracking section that might serve as a base for what you envision.

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