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    Scandisk is never able to complete it's work. If I run CHKDSK, I get loads of errors on my disk. If I schedule a scan, the scan never runs. a message says "To cancel disk checking press any key within 10 secs." Even if I don't press any key, A message says "Disk Checking has Been cancelled." Please HELP!! Does reinstalling Windows helps? But I've never faced any problems so far when I save, open or do other normal stuff. Still, I cant even defragment or even do a System Restore. It says "Local Disk Drive has a problem. Run Scandisk to correct these errors." How the @#!*@# can I run Scandisk?????? Third-party tolls don't seem to help. They display the same message. Google search is waste. It is very difficult to find any alternative to scandisk.Will anything happen to my PC??? I have Vista Home Basic. Can u atleast provide any free or paid alternatives?? PLZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ HELP ME!!!

    Thanks in advance. :-)

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    CHKDSK is the tool you want to run.

    Are you running CHKDSK when the system boots? Do you tell it to fix errors?


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    How to run chkdsk upon boot in Vista:

    From the Vista DVD, Press any key to boot from CD/DVD and Vista will start to load the Windows files. Select your language, time, currency and keyboard then click "Repair" in the bottom left corner. Within the repair option there are five choices: Startup Repair, System Restore, Backup Restore, Memory Test and Command Prompt. Once at the command promt type; "chkdsk /f" or r without quotations.

    Info from the Vista Forums:
    Vista - Check Disk - chkdsk
    Vista - Chkdsk will Not Run at Startup in Vista
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