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    For some strange reason Window search in Window 7 is not working. Under Services it says it is , but when I do a search nothing comes up
    can anyone help me?

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    Hi Robert, and welcome to the Lounge!

    It is possible you have not indexed the file locations that are relevant to your searching. Click on Start and type in Indexing , and then click on Indexing Options if you see it in a list. If search does not show you anything, then click on Control Panel | Indexing Options to check where on your hard drive Windows Search has been enabled. Normally you will see at least your User Name listed, which is where all your user files are located, and the Start Menu. If these are not selected, then you would not be able to get results when you search your user files.

    You can click on the Modify button to add other locations on your hard drive for indexing. You can click the Advanced Options button and then the File Types tab to select by file types. Beneath that listing you have two options as to how the file is indexed. If you choose Index Properties and File Contents, then both will be included in the scope of the search.

    There is another thing to check. Go to Control Panel | Administrative Tools | Services and look for the Windows Search service. This is the service that needs to be running for all the above to work. Make certain it is started and is set to Automatic Start. I realize you said the service is running, but many users have confused the Indexing Service for the Windows Search service. Go to Control Panel | Programs and Features. There is an option on the left panel to Turn Windows features on or off. Click that and look for the Indexing Service. That feature normally defaults to off. If you find it has been enabled, then turn it off. It has nothing to do with Windows 7 Search or Windows 7 Indexing. It is the old search capability used in earlier versions of Windows, like XP.

    Hope this helps.

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