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    I've read several places that Windows 7 uses ordinary zip files when you use its built-in backup feature. I've backed up twice, and I can't find any zip files on my external drive; just some XML files. Where are the zip files?


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    Windows 7 file/folder backup does actually use compressed zip files but they are covered in an overlay dialog as such to make it easier to restore data for the average user. The XML files and associated catalog files are what Windows 7 uses to make restoring data easy.

    If you make a backup of a folder on your C:\ to D:\ locate the folder usually PC's hostname and then copy the folder to another directory you'll need administrator rights to do this. And then in the new directory you'll have access to the files because the overlay is no longer in the way.

    If on the other hand you are using Windows 7 Backup and doing a system image you'll find it stores a *.VHD (Virtual Hard Disk) file of your system partition in the backup folder.

    Side note: All editions of Windows 7 are capable of creating full system backups which is great. The only caveat is that editions below Professional cannot backup to a network location only to local and removable HDD.

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