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    I recently purchased a new Dell inspiron 560 MT with win 7 64 bit Home premier. During setup I think i made a mistake in not setting up a user account in addition to the administrator account. I then partioned my drive to create a separate drive for my data and losded my software into c: and my data into e: .
    Subsequently i discovered that a feature in Quicken did not work. After checking with Q I found that the function worked in safe mode, Q suggested i create a test user account which I did. Logging into that test account i found that the function worked. Q told me that I had a corrupted Administrator account.
    In addition my shutdown speed takes about 2 minutes. They said that that was also a probable result of the corrupt Administrator account.
    Are they correct? I have searched for information on how to repair/replace etc this account and not found any clear answers.
    my email is thunderbird vers 3.0 with two different users. i will probably nee advice on how to move the email to the new user account after repairing/replacing the admilnistrator account.
    Hope you can help

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    You can just create another account with admin rights and use that, but you will have to transfer all your settings to the new account.
    I think you can use the file and settings transfer wizard for this.

    cheers, Paul

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    To be clear, you did not setup any account? In what manner do you logon?
    Create a fresh drive image before making system changes, in case you need to start over!

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