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    Word 2003.

    Our letterhead template includes this, "Our 47th Year" (this year, next will say 48th year and so on). It is incremented manually by me each January.

    We use the template to make a letter for a particular client and then save it as a document.

    The problem is when we look up an archived letter (including letterhead) to reuse in present time. More times than not the user forgets to update the amount of years in business (which reads whatever it was when the original was made.)

    Any ideas on how to prevent this problem?

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    You could use a nested field that looks like this {={Date \@ "yyyy"} - 1963 \* Ordinal} where the field braces are typed by pressing Ctrl-F9

    The alternative is to use the text "Since 1963"
    Andrew Lockton, Chrysalis Design, Melbourne Australia

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