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    Looking for a bit of help with a couple of things. First off, and I'm sure this is incredibly easy but I can't seem to find a way, I have an existing table with around 5 thousand entries and I'm looking to run reports that return the total number of records for certian criteria, my background is in Excel and I know how to do what I want in that easily enough and for just now I've put a non visible box with control source as =1 and a grand total box in the report footer with control source as =[record count]. This kind of works ok apart from still returning a value of 1 when no records show up and that it's just a clumsy work around so could anyone give any help on how to do this better?
    Also I'm looking to have reports as normal but also the option to just view a summary form with only what criteria has been used and a total record count so help with this would also be very much appreciated.


    Oh one last thing, is there any way to change a report title based on criteria used, i.e. I want a report title to be "Total Outputs between [Start Date] and [End Date]" or something along those lines.

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    You should be able to do a Count() function as the source for the control and put it on the primary key of the record source for your report - I believe that should solve your issue of getting 1 where there are no records returned. To get just the summary form of a report, you could try hiding the Detail section of the report on the OnLoad or OnCurrent events - it would need to check for a parameter on your form where you run the report. Finally, to make your Report Title be variable, you can make it a text box instead of a label, and then supply values. The control source becomes something like
     ="Total Outputs Between " & [StartDate] & " and " & [EndDate]

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