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    I think I may have posted on this subject previously but didn't find the required information. The situation is this. For the past few years I have been running Windows Vista on the secondary hard drive (D on my computer. The primary hard drive (C originally had a copy of Windows XP which I removed by re-formatting the C: drive. My son gave me a copy of Ubuntu which I installed on the empty C: drive and then upgraded to the most current version (9.04) at that time. In the installation of Ubuntu I made an error which I have been trying without successr to correct. The error was that in the installation when I was asked if I wanted to dual boot, I said yes. I forgot that I already had a boot manager (Vista Boot Pro) installed in my Vista. Anyway now I have this large text message with a whole series of options, the first of which is to boot into Ubuntu and the last is Vista with about 8 or more options inbetween.

    Under the current setup, when I go into disk management in Vista, the Ubuntu containing disk is shown however it does not carry the C: (It is shown as Disk 1) designation. If it did, I could just reformat that disk and install a new copy of Ubuntu.

    I have received a few suggestions that I download a third party program (BootIt NG) and use this to redo my set up. I do have a copy of that piece of software but it is pretty involved for what should be a simple task (either delete Ubuntu and it's Windows boot manager (WUBI) or just reformat the disk containing Ubuntu.

    This seems like such a simple problem, but I have not yet found a straightforward solution that will not jeoporadize my Vista Installation. Any thoughts will be appreciated.


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    Hi Bob, and welcome to the Lounge!

    It sounds like the text screen you describe with Ubuntu at the top of the list and Vista at the bottom with several other options in between is the Grub Menu that Ubuntu installed when you said yes to dual boot.

    Are you able to boot into Ubuntu from this menu? And are you able to boot into Vista from this menu? If the answer is yes to both questions, then the Grub Menu is doing its job. I have a couple of dual boot systems, one with Ubuntu 10.4 and XP; the other with Mint Linux 8 and Vista. I chose to let Ubuntu set up the Grub Menu for dual booting as it is easy and it just works.

    The other options you see listed between your two operating systems are probably earlier Ubuntu kernel listings, memtest and other options. If you would list all the entries you see in a post here, we can identify each entry. Whenever Ubuntu updates the kernel (which is the core of the operating system), it places the new one as the first entry, and pushes each earlier kernel down the list. All of these can be edited away so as to not cause sensory overload.

    I am not sure why you want to install a new copy of Ubuntu, unless the Grub Menu is not working. If you are wanting to install the newest version, then you can just run the 10.4 CD install and it will replace 9.04 and update the Grub Menu.

    When I have wanted to do away with any Linux partition or installation, I just wiped the partition or drive clean and ran the Windows installation CD or DVD to go into the Recovery Console (XP) or the Recovery Environment (Vista) to run the commands for fixing the boot record so XP or Vista will start correctly when Ubuntu and the Grub Menu are gone. The Ubuntu forums will have detailed instructions on the process.

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    Hello. Another approach might work is this ..First some comments . To my knowledge vista boot pro can't handle Linux entries ( might have changed since i tried to use it) If i were you first thing is i would download NeoSmart EasyBCD Beta2 you have to join their forum to do this (get the Beta) ...but no big deal, as it handles "grub2" entries. Then boot up to the drive that you want as primary default, then remove Vista boot pro and install Easy BCD . If your unsure how to run it just search this forum for EasyBCD (many entries) Once you have made a backup of your system MBR (using EasyBCD) Make your Vista Default , and the linux the next in line, this way you would still have the Linux drive to "fool with". Also the only option presented at boot time would be your default or Linux, nothing else. If you did nothing, you system would boot automatically to the default. (you select the time out) From the install disk (Linux) you can run the Gparted partition manager and re size linux or partition it and have the remainder of the drive for whatever you want. Just some thoughts .... Regards Fred

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