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Thread: Boot problem

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    E Machine XP SP3, sometimes boots OK and sometimes doesn't boot at all. If you shut it completely off, usually will reboot OK. Is it possible HD problem? I was reading some of the logs. One was GetUserDefaultLCID failure, resorting to system verion (yes the spelling it gave was verion).
    Another: Dropping event destined for event consumer, NTEvent Log
    Another: WDM Call returning error 4200 then ReceivedEvent
    Any ideas on this would be appreciated. This is a senior citizen so doesn't want to spend a lot of money on this old machine

    One other thing: Has anyone heard of the gmysy32.exe virus? Norton had cleared it on this computer when I started it up.

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    I'd say you still have a virus from those messages.

    Boot problems are often power supply related - not quite enough juice to get it running.
    I usually vacuum the box and them re-seat all the connectors to make sure every thing is happy.

    cheers, Paul

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