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    Word 2007 comes with a bunch of built-in styles -- Emphasis, Subtle Emphasis, Intense Emphasis, Reference, Subtle Reference, Intense Reference, Quote, Subtle Quote . . . and on and on. As a graphics designer, I find all of them fussy and useless, and they take up space in the drop-down styles list, pushing the ones I create out of immediate visibility.

    I can remove them from the ribbon, but I want to get rid of them forever. Unfortunately, when I display the drop-down Styles list (by clicking on the little arrow at the right of the Styles label in the ribbon) and right-click on a built-in style, the Delete option is grayed out.

    I'm willing to do a Registry edit, but draw the line at editing the Word .exe file.


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    As suggested in a response to this same question on another site, the simplest (and perhaps the only way) to do this is to create a custom template from scratch where you define the styles available for documents based on that template. See the Word MVPs site for detailed background on working with templates and styles.

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    I'm not sure whether these built-in styles can be deleted permanently, but you can effectively rid them from your Word environment without resorting to either registry fixes, nor custom templates:

    • Locate and open your Normal.dotm template.
    • With the Home tab showing, click on the little dialog launcher box at the bottom right corner of the Styles group, to make the Styles pane appear.
    • Click on the 'Manage Styles' button at the bottom of the Styles pane, to display the Manage Styles dialog. Click on the 'Recommend' tab.
    • Scroll down the list of styles there and select one or more of the styles you want to get rid of.
    • Then click on the Hide button, and then OK.
    • The styles you've hidden should disappear from the Styles pane as well as the Quick Styles area in the Ribbon.
    • Save and close Normal.dotm.

    Because you've made the change in Normal.dotm, this change will affect all new blank documents you create in Word.

    Another benefit of this method is that the changes are reversible, should you ever need to redisplay these styles for any reason.


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    While you're having a clean up, if you also want to get rid of all those ghastly built-in templates and return to that WONDERFUL original FIle New dialog, see this: FAQ

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