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    I have a recommendation. I use TB, and this is how I manage my email. I will say this strongly, but keep in mind - to each his own.
    If a message is marked as Read, it should NOT still be in the InBox.
    **** Use folders. ****
    Use a few, or use a lot.
    Have one called Newsletters (if you want).
    Have one called Read Again Soon (if you want).
    Have one called Fun Projects (if you want).
    You get the picture.
    My recommendation is - use the power of your computer, and TB - use it to organize your email.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BillWilson View Post
    I have been using Thunderbird for a year or more and have had the problem of disappearing Inbox messages many times. As described above, the 'standard' solution is to delete the Inbox.msf file and open Thunderbird again. However, sometimes that doesn't work. There are two things to do:

    1. Reboot the PC to make sure Thunderbird is not still running. Under some circumstances, if you close Thunderbird it doesn't actually close but just goes invisible! Rebooting makes sure it really is closed. Then delete the Inbox.msf file again and open Thunderbird again. If that doesn't solve the problem or if your Inbox file is empty, follow the suggestion below.

    2. Open Thunderbird and look for a folder named nstmp or nstmp-1, etc. in the folder list on the the left in the Thunderbird window. I always find one or more of those folders listed there after an Inbox failure and they always contain the missing Inbox messages! If you have more than one of those folders pick the one whose contents looks the best and drag those messages into the Inbox. After the Inbox is working properly again, delete all the nstmp* folders in Thunderbird.

    That has always worked for me.

    Good Luck!

    Thank you, Bill!

    Your solution No. 2 above worked for me, after I tried all the other "fixes" posted in the various help groups.

    I had over 3,000 messages in the Inbox. Now that I know what caused the problem, I've archived all my old ones (5 years' worth), so it shouldn't happen again.

    Frank D

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