I have Thunderbird 3.0 on both my XP Professional desktop and my Windows 7 Home Premium laptop! It's a good secure email client when communicating with your ISP server out of network, (Outlook will not do that!), but what's up with the weird html font quirks? What I am referring to is that when you do a word in Italic, bold, or underline, the last word you did that with is pulled from it's position on the page and butted previous to the word you just did. If you copy/paste it back to the correct position, as soon as you paste, it goes back there again. You have to stop what you're doing completely and then Cut/Paste to get it to stay there! Why is this? This was a trait of the Mozilla Firefox browser that made me hate it and cease using it altogether! This issue has never been addressed by Mozilla and happens in all versions of the browser and Thunderbird on all platforms, (Windows, Linux & Mac). I am at a complete loss to figure out why this isn't a priority issue with Mozilla and is one of the reasons I regard their product so lowly! Thunderbird 3.0 has the potential to be a great email client especially with that automatic settings detect feature but this unacceptable bug that has gone over 10-years is super annoying and a complete puzzle to me why it hasn't been rectified!. For now I tolerate it because Thunderbird is great other than that! Not so Mozilla Firefox! It just had to much else wrong with it! I will never use that browser ever again!