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    Ran into this problem when I tried to read a ghost 15 Image made in Windows 7 64bit with Ghost 15 on a USB 3 external drive in a sharkoon drive caddy. The drive is a WD WD20EARS Advanced format drive. The computer was booted from the ghost CD and I noticed immediately that the external usb3 drive was not listed--so the ghost image was not found. The next thing I tried was loading 64 bit drivers in the ghost boot for the NEC USB3 chip on the Asus motherboard in the hopes that this would make the external Image visable. No dice, even though Ghost said the drivers had loaded it did not make the drive and image visable. Called Norton and they said they had no idea whether Ghost 15 which is Win 7 compatible is USB3 compatible!!! They did suggest that I try making a custom Ghost boot cd during which I would preload the drivers for the NEC USB3 chip. During this process I ran accross an undocumented shortcoming for Ghost 15 [Advertised as Win 7 compatible], when I tried to load 64bit drivers for the NEC chip Ghost complained that it was 64bit driver challenged and absolutely required 32bit drivers. Suprise Suprise So I scrambled about and found another computer running an Asus mb using the same NEC USB3 chip only with a 32bit operating system [Vista] and grabbed the inf file and drivers. Next I tried to load these into the custom build of the ghost 15 boot cd and it rejected them complaining that it didn't support this type of driver..............So No support in Ghost 15 for 64bit Win 7 and for USB3 external drives... Norton meanwhile is escalating the issue to their support engineers.... Any Ideas..... Just as an aside I did try plugging the Sharkoon external drive caddy into a USB-2 port and it worked did Ghost 15

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    64 bit software & USB 3.0 is still relatively new, you may just have to play the catch up game while more drivers and support come about.
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