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    Is it just me or do others find it difficult to read forum posts that contain no capitalization, no punctuation, and use text-speak ('u' instead of 'you')? I spend almost as much time trying to decipher such posts as trying to understand the problem being described. It is almost as if the posters don't want to waste their time to make things clear.

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    I read and reply to posts only when I have something that I believe will benefit the original poster and in some cases others, AND when I have the time to do so. There are lots of times that I "could" add to a thread but time management is an important part of life today.
    So my advice to you is this, if the post is not clear to you, ignore it. The poster may miss out from your vast knowledge but then 'maybe' that will prompt them to leave more clear and precise questions.

    Have you noticed how many times questions are answered that were never even asked?
    Do you "Believe"? Do you vote? Please Read:
    LEARN something today so you can TEACH something tomorrow.
    DETAIL in your question promotes DETAIL in my answer.
    Dominus Vobiscum <))>(

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    We encourage literacy here. If you happen to see a post that is filled with misspellings and internet shorthand ("u" instead of "you", "srs" instead of "serious") to the point of unreadability, please feel free to report it using the "report this post as inappropriate" button located below the offending poster's name in a thread. Thank you.

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