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    Has anyone seen this issue, maybe a week after "Patch Day"

    End User powers on Laptop. Gets a Blue Background and a error: Windows could not load Profile... Profile may be corrupt...
    A new temporary Windows Profile is then created and the User needs to add Printers and re-Configure outlook. Also Desktop content is missing.

    Solution 1: They reboot 1x or 2x and are able to get their profile back

    Solution 2: I go into the registry: Local Machine\Software\Microsoft\WindowsNT\CurrentVersio n\ProfileList
    I see there are TWO identical profiles, one having a .TEMP
    So I rename the regular one as something like .NEW
    Rename the other one by removing .TEMP
    Have the User reboot and they have there old Profile restored (in some cases its all returned except they still have re-create their Outlook profile)

    My theory is that it may be linked to a recent patch.
    Also since I work for a large CORP, they are still on SP2, but we are testing SP3 at the moment.

    Any clues???



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    Going with the assumption that all CORP PC's/laptops are either set for autoupdate or update via push, an update requiring a reboot with the reboot postponed. In SP2, there were some updates that were performed with elevated privileges that required reboot into an admin account in order to update.

    Another pecularity (in the case of a laptop) is reboot into identical parameters; domain, docked, dual monitors, whatever.
    Create a fresh drive image before making system changes, in case you need to start over!

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