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    Any advise I could get would be great!

    I have a lookup table with 3 columns:
    1) ID (AutoNumber)
    2) someString (Grade)
    3) someValue (Points Earned)

    The someValue column may have the same number.

    For example:
    ID Grade Points Earned
    1 Meets Expectations 5
    2 Major Opp. Exist 2.5
    3 Unsatisfactory 0
    4 N/A 5

    I then have a form that uses a combo box:
    Under Format tab:

    Column Count 3
    Column Widths 0 cm; 1.5 cm; 1 cm

    Under Data tab:

    Bound Column 3 (representing Points Earned)

    The problem is when the Grade "Meets Expectations" or "N/A" is selected in the combo box, it always shows "Meets Expectations." How do I get the combo box to show "N/A" and put 5 in my Lookup table.

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    Because you have the same value for two different entries, it picks the first entry. The more usual way to do this is to store the ID value in your main table by binding to it. Then you get the correct display. However if you want to add up all the entries for a given record of a certain type, you will have to join on the Lookup table to get the points for each record. Hope that helps...

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