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    I type 'her's' (spacebar) I get 'her'so (Word 2000)

    Basically that's my problem - whenever I type a word with that ends in an 's and hit the space bar I get 'so ( the o is added to my - 's - word (i.e. their's = their'so, it's = it'so). This only happens when I'm in Word... e-mail is not affected. have checked my autocorrect and custom dictionary. Need Help!

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    Re: I type 'her's' (spacebar) I get 'her'so (Word 2000)


    I think you must have this setup in your Tools Auto-Correct somehow.

    Go into Tools AutoCorrect AutoCorrect and under Replace Text as You Type enter the character s under Replace, and I suspect you will have an AutoCorrect entry which replaces s with so, and which will work exactly as you have indicated. You should delete this entry from AutoCorrect with the Delete button.

    Hope this helps

    Good Luck!

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