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    I am new to the lounge. I do apologize if this post is incorrectly placed. Please advise me of any changes I need to make for future posts.

    I am not sure what my problem is, which is why I named this post for the OS and the browser. I am running Win7 64 and IE8 on a machine less than 6 mos old. All has been fine until now.

    This week, my browser is very slow. I am using Road Runner (Time Warner Cable) as my ISP. They say everything is fine. The tech support person must have just started. I could tell she was reading a script and my problem was not on any of her pages...

    In addition to being slow, I have a web site I've been using since before I got this machine. All of a sudden the pages won't load correctly. The top part of the page is fine. The bottom half is on the left side of the screen.

    I've tried fooling around with the View tab. The browser's default seems to be Carat browsing (which I cannot find any info on) and encoding is set to Western European (ISO). I don't know how these settings got there. I had encoding set to Western European (Windows). I keep switching it back and it works for a second until I select something on the page and then the settings return to the above.

    Could someone please help me understand what's going on? Do I have a virus? Is there any way to get my browser to behave again? Is this a Windows 7 problem or an IE8 problem? Or some other problem?

    Any assistance will be most appreciated. If no help arrives soon, I will be a very ugly bald woman.


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    Welcome to the Lounge!

    How often do you clear the browser cache? Quite often over time you start getting slow downs related to the massive amount of information in your browser. Each time you go to the internet, pages start trying to see if their are newer pages, etc. This can cause marked slow downs. Go to Tools/Internet Options/Browser History and Delete. You can choose how much to delete. I would choose all, although this will also delete any stored passwords. (Use a good password manager so this is not a problem) Using the aforementioned Password manager also allows you to check empty browser when you close it which automatically helps to clear your browser. Also an app such as CCleaner will assist with this.

    Also, how many different Toolbars do you have? Not only do these take up space on your browser but they all have to load. I have found these toolbars all offer the same features. IE8 already has a search toolbar that allows you to choose what search engine(s) to use. Many apps you load (Flash and Java for example) have deals with Ask or Google or Yahoo, or whatever to load their toolbar when you load the app by default unless YOU select to opt out of these toolbar installations. To uninstall toolbars, use the built in Win 7 removal, Control Panel/Programs and Features, or use a good uninstall program.

    I would also check my add-ons. Tools/Manage Add Ons. You can see just what Add Ons are loading when IE starts. All this stuff has to load as well. Much is needed here, but if you find something you do not know what it is, do a Google search to investigate.

    I really believe a few housekeeping tasks will go a long way to solve some of your problems.
    Have a Great Day! Ted

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nancy McCarter View Post
    Could someone please help me understand what's going on? Do I have a virus?
    That is always one possible reason for a computer to become sluggish (it is busy working for someone else). On the Security forum, you can get a wide variety of recommendations for scanning and clean-up tools to supplement your existing security software. These include Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware (MBAM, free edition) and the online Housecall scanner/cleaner from Trend Micro.

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