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    Like many other people I took advantage of recent hot steaming deals on Acronis from New Egg and other sites.

    I have one copy for each computer.

    MY QUESTION >>>>>>>>>>>>

    1) If the computer gets updated ie new mobo, etc. or more likely replaced for another, can that copy of Acronis be installed on a NEW computer or is it somehow TIED to the old computer once it has been installed - a la Windows XP ?????????

    This of course is ripe for abuse since one would only buy ONE COPY of Acronis and then install it on MANY computers.
    I don't believe that Acronis would be that stupid considering they had a registration code of like 35 letters and numbers even more than the MS KEY.

    Again the question is >>>>>>>>>>>>>

    If the computer gets replaced for another, can the SAME copy of Acronis be used to install and image the NEW computer.

    Thanks in advance.

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    I believe Acronis does allow installation on the new PC. This is a quote directly from the Acronis Q&A:

    "Q: Can I install the Acronis product that I already have on a new PC or workstation?

    A: You can use your existing license to install the software on a new PC or workstation if your previous system has been decommissioned."

    I hope this helps.
    Have a Great Day! Ted

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