I have not found an answer to this on this forum.

I have MS Office Pro 2003 with Business Contact Manager, which has always been difficult to install.

When I upgraded to a 64-bit multi-core computer running Win Vista Home Premium 64 with 4 GB RAM, I battled the system, got help from MS support, and finally got BCM running again. (Everything else from MS Ofc Pro installed properly.)

Then, stupidly, I tried MS Ofc 2010 Beta, which removed BCM from my machine.

When I did not like, and removed, MS Ofc 2010 Beta, I tried to re-install MS Ofc Pro 2003 with BCM. In the meantime, I had also upgraded Win Vista Home Premium 64 to SP2. BCM would not re-install.

I upgraded MS SQL Server (seems to be running okay). I downloaded all the BCM updates, including the latest which, when I run it, says BCM needs to be installed first, but I cannot install BCM.

I tried many times to re-install BCM now that I have successfully re-installed my MS Ofc Pro 2003, but have had no success with BCM.

I sought MS Support again, only to find I am now past the support window for MS Ofc 2003 and help is no longer available unless I pay support fees, which is not currently an option for me.

Has anyone successfully installed MS Ofc Pro 2003 with Business Contact Manager on Win Vista 64 SP2? If so, could you share your tricks that made it successful?