Good morning.

I have a large Word 2007 file (approximately 130,000 words, 1 MB, a number of images, lots of styles, 450 pages approximately) which I wish to index. But the file ends up being corrupted and unopenable by Word 2007 (updated with all patches) both on a machine running Windows XP (SP3 and all other patches) and on one running Windows 7 (fully-patched).

Basically, what happens is that I go to the end of the file, use References to insert an index and specify the concordance file. The words in the document are all marked for entry into the index (that is, the XE tags appear) but the index itself does not appear. Should it not appear at this point?

When I click Insert Index again, this time not specifying the concordance file, the index is created correctly.

However, when I save the file and try to reopen it, Word 2007 cannot open it. An error appears saying the file has been corrupted, something about a brace or parenthesis.

Does anyone have any ideas what might be causing this? I have seen websites talking about the problem of file corruption, but they are from several years ago.

In case it matters, if I try to open the corrupted file using I can do so, although some styles disappear. When I processed the document in Word 2003, the index was created correctly.