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    Dear "Fellow Woodys"

    I'm inable to open the "Create a new connection" panel under the "Network Tasks" pane, in under "Network Connections". In fact as to what happens, after start up, I attempt to open "Create a new connection" panel, click upon the hyperlink(?), ..and in a flash -it opens and closes down, -and I cannot repeat that action to occur unless I restart my computer from a complete power-off.
    Is this "Create a new connection" same as "New Connection Wizard"?? I don't think so from my research in "for Dummies" books. This is all involving to create a wifi connection from my computer to internet.
    I firmly believe that this is all the result of being the victim of an "ethical hack attack" (MAC filtered) while trying to connect to "Belkin-Wireless" service, which I was successfully doing for a week or two, until one day Firefox browser just couldn't acquire the connection with Earthlink ISP.
    Also in conjunction, am having a problem with computer opening "Control Panel" from the Start menu. At times its slow to react or unresponsive.

    Is the above indicative to a major program problem with Windows XP, or possible yet still undetectable malware / virus/ trojan infection of some sort?
    Have scanned with Microsoft Security Essentials as well with Spybot S&D. No detections from MSE, but get an occasional "ApplFirewallBypass" detection result with Spybot.
    Been getting BSOD's as well for some years now prior to this wifi connection difficulty on frequent occasion, but unable to figure out from untranslatable codes of what has been causes of blue screens.
    It tells me, but I'm not knowing what the message is coded as to saying.

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    Welcome to the Windows Secrets Lounge. Your question(s) meander across several subjects. So, I'll try to address them one by one.

    The AplFirewallBypass issue is addressed here in the Spybot forum.

    As to the network connection issue, I have to ask how frequently you do system maintenance (defrag, dump Temporary Internet, Temp and cookie files) and if you have any maintenance programs/utilities installed ?? If your answer is infrequent to never, I'd get a copy of cCleaner and a tutorial for it and cleanup your system. Then run all your anti-malware and AV programs, update Windows and then defrag your HD.

    I'm curious as to why you tolerated all those BSOD for "years". Addressing problems when they first arise, helps to prevent other problems and makes fixing the existing problem much easier.

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