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    Need help on count Fx (2000 sr1)

    Ok i have a Excel work book that i have
    1. Text in a columon d5 to d250 on sheet 1 like the following names in the cells {Dom, Tony, Dennis...}
    2. now i want to be able to do a count function on that range of cells for each name i have so i can keep track of how many times there name appears in the work book and this value of the count will be placed in sheet 2 in varing cells such as { c3 , c4 , c5 .... }

    3. want to make it so it updates the count automactily so i dont have to highlight that colomon and do a sort then do the count by hand if you you can help me with this fucntion it be graty appearted and a great time saver


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    Re: Need help on count Fx (2000 sr1)


    With your data in Sheet1, range d5:d250 you could place the following formula in any suitable location on any sheet : <pre>=COUNTIF(Sheet1!D$5$250,"Dom") </pre>

    to get the count of the first name, and repeat in different cells for the different names. Or you could have a list of names in sheet 2 (say from A1 to A10), and then use <pre>=COUNTIF(Sheet1!D$5$250,A1)</pre>

    in B1 and copy it down to B10.

    If the source data is like to go beyound D250, you could have the formula check the entire column by using COUNTIF(Sheet1!D,A1).

    Andrew C

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    Re: Need help on count Fx (2000 sr1)

    Maybe <A target="_blank" HREF= &sb=&o=&vc=1> this thread </A> can also help you.

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