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    Recently, every time I reboot the system (XP Pro SP3) I get an error box saying that some line of script apparently part of the IE8 startup procedure has failed, and it asks me if I want to continue running scripts.

    This problem didn't manifest itself until after I installed some Microsoft XP updates a couple of months ago. Unfortunately, since it didn't show up until a subsequent reboot, I have no idea which update may be the culprit. I have tried everything I can think of to track down the source, including disabling scripts (error dialogue still shows up on a reboot), but nothing seems to work.

    Does anybody have any ideas?

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    What is the exact error message you received? Can you reproduce it and post it here? Are you sure it has to do with IE8. If so, you probably had IE7 installed on your XP before you upgraded to IE8. Try uninstalling IE8, which should drop you back to IE7. Reboot to see if you get an error message. If all is clear, then download and install IE8 again to see if there are any more scripting errors.

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