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    MSN nazis: or they're just plain high... (beta)

    for 6 years I've responsibly & ethically used my Hotmail account. One day 10 days ago, I couldn't log in. Odd. I thought it was an Outlook Express problem. Then I got the phone calls from friends asking why I'd closed my account. I wouldn't have, because I have plastered that address all over every resume, etc. I've written in my contracting career.

    With some investigation, I discovered that I had been shut down for violating the TOS agreement. This is news to me. I have NO IDEA what I could have done to deserve it. To my knowledge I HAVEN'T.

    So I wrote MSN support to find out what the problem was. There must have been some kind of mistake. After MANY emails, THIS garbage is what these arrogant asses have served up to me as an explanation:

    "Thank you for writing to MSN Hotmail.
    This is Michael and I am writing in response to your inquiry.
    For security and privacy reasons, we cannot give you further information regarding the status of this account. I appreciate your understanding.

    When you signed up for your account with MSN Hotmail, you agreed to the Terms of Use (TOU) by clicking the "I Accept" button. As such, your account is subject to the Terms of Use.

    For further information, please review the TOU at:

    Remember that MSN Hotmail also has comprehensive online help available--just click "Help" in the upper right corner.
    Michael D.
    MSN Hotmail Customer Support"

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    Re: MSN nazis: or they're just plain high... (beta)

    Your situation is compounded by the powerlessness of the MS employee. They give a whole new meaning to the expression PMS. Imagine working for that bunch of fascists, with all their conviction that you need their unwanted help. Powerlessness produces passive-aggressive behavior, and that's what you are getting. I once asked a clinical psychologist what is the best way of dealing with passive-aggressive behavior. The answer was one word. "Don't." If you have msgs stored there, I think you can ask for them. If they demur, ask for the name of the denier's supervisor, and start working up until you find someone who is either compliant or active-aggressive. If that poor soul is aggressive enough, maybe you can sue successfully. You can ALWAYS sue. Successful suit is another thing entirely. One other thing: You could review the TOU and note their structure. Then ask which paragraph you "violated". Eventually they may get tired.

    Good luck,


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