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    Hot Sync - Outlook & Palm

    I have a Palm M105. I like the calendar setup provided with it, but I want to synchronize the address list with my Outlook Contacts list from my PC. If I Hot Sync with Outlook, will I lose the Palm-type calendar info?

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    Re: Hot Sync - Outlook & Palm

    My understanding is that you have to pick one or the other, so you could not have a continuing process where you synced with Outlook Contacts and the Palm Desktop simultaneously. My suggestion would be to reinstall the Palm software, choosing Outlook as your conduit. When you prepare to do your first sync, right-click on the Hotsync system tray icon, choose Custom from the context-sensitive menu and select Outlook Calendar, changing it to Handheld overrides desktop. Then all of your calendar information previously synced from the Palm Desktop will be written into the Outlook Calendar.

    If you decide to stick with the Palm Desktop app as your PIM, you'd have to go through the above process, except make sure the Outlook Contacts is set to Desktop Overwrites Handheld, and then go through the reinstallation process and make Palm Desktop your syncing app. Or at that point it just might make a lot more sense to export your contacts to a .csv file and then import them into the Palm Desktop. I've successfully imported an Outlook Express address book into Palm Desktop without any major headaches.

    I hate to be a stinker , but to be completely <img src=/S/frank.gif border=0 alt=frank width=15 height=15> you might find it more productive to have your PIM information all in one place vs. spread out over different applications. Many people dislike Outlook's security problems on the e-mail side <img src=/S/flee.gif border=0 alt=flee width=25 height=25>, but otherwise it's a great place to have all your important stuff. In any event, I hope the above suggestions give you something to go on. <img src=/S/thumbup.gif border=0 alt=thumbup width=15 height=15>

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