I recently bought Symantec Systemworks 2002 but it will not install as I run Win2000 Server. Apparently this has been deliberately disabled by Symantec to force me to buy their Enterprise software.

I run the Server edition because I need to run SQL Server 2000, there are no client machines running from this "Server". I have no interest in buying utilities dubbed "Enterprise" for my setup when the price is aimed at large organisations with many client machines and big budgets!

Can anybody recommend a good anti-virus and tools suite that will run on Win2000 Server that does not cost the earth, it only needs to deal with one machine.

OTOH is it possible to downgrade my OS to Win2000 Professional. I own Win2000 Pro and could replace SQL Server 2000 with the personal edition (which I also own) which will run on Win2000 Pro. I don't want to re-format and re-build as this will take 2 days. Is there any way to instal Win2000 Pro over the Server version and keep all my apps loaded and registered etc?