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    I have a 2-paged fill in form wherein on 1st page 2 form fields are name and birthdate. These 2 form fields are replicated on page 2. How do I auto-populate these fields on page 2 based on what is keyed on page 1?

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    You can use Ref fields on page 2, which refer to the formfields on page 1.

    To do this, for each formfield on page 1, in the Text Form Field Options dialog, give the formfield a unique bookmark name, and put a checkmark next to 'Calculate on Exit'.
    On page 2, insert a Ref field, which refers to the bookmark name for the corresponding formfield on page 1.

    Once the document is protected and you enter or modify text in the formfields, that text will automatically be reflected on page 2 (as soon as you exit one of the formfields on page 1).

    See attached sample document.

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