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    Ive inherited alot of MS-Access databases.

    We're on MS-Access 2007.

    On one particular database, security is setup to access the db as users and groups.
    staff come and go. and now no-one can open the ms-access database.
    and the users are wanting to do their work in this db.

    1. Is there a way I can remove the security on this database? it is safe to remove the security.
    2. ive opened up Security.mdw and this displays the security groups and users. how can i add to this?

    When I open up the secure db, it places a temp security file in the profile location
    C:\Documents and Settings\<UserName>\Application Data\Microsoft\Access\System.mdw
    Ive tried to delete this file and move the db, but i still get a permissions error messgae.

    see attachment.

    I dont know much about microsoft access, so do you need any more information from me about the db's to assist?

    many thanks

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    This post has been cross posted, and at least an initial answer provided here .

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    It has been a while since I have played with the Access Security model (They have discontinued it in the Office 2007 file format) but as an overview, security (or what Microsoft calls: "User-Level security") in an Access MDB file is handled with a combination of the Access database you are using (An MDB file) and an MDW (Workgroup) file. The MDW file holds the User information and the MDB file holds the object permissions for each user in the connected MDW file. All MDB files use "User-Level Security" as they are attached to "System.MDW". You generally don't see this because when you create a new access database, Access automatically logs you in as the "Admin" user and the Admin user in the System.MDW file does not have a password..

    In order to enable "User-level Security" you create a new Workgroup (MDW) file, connected to the database and a password is then added to the Admin User. Some people miss this step and create the password for the Admin user in the System.MDW file or they don't create a new MDW File they just make a copy of the System.mdw file. In either case, if the developer did not set up security properly, changing your Workgroup to a clean System.MDW file should give you the ability to go in to the MDB file and set the Owner of all the Objects back to Admin.

    If the original developer DID set up security properly, here is a URL from Microsoft that expains how to "Unsecure" an Access MDB file.

    Hope that helps.

    Bob Oxford
    Software Wizards, Inc.
    Bob Oxford
    Software Wizards, Inc.

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