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Thread: DCC Hell

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    DCC Hell

    How many hours have I spent trying to get this to work:

    Direct cable connection between win2k SP2 and win98SE.

    Followed instructions in advice (create new user on win2k machine with name of win98 computer with blank password, add this user to administrators, create incoming connections, set up win98 machine as guest etc).

    Cannot get it to work.

    If I allow TCP/IP on the incoming connections, the connection works as far as an icon appearing in the win2k taskbar, but the win98 computer cannot find the host (unsurprising - always happened), but when I try and map a drive on the win98 computer to the win2k computer, there is no apparent activity over the connection and the network pathname cannot be found. A similar thing happens if I try and map a drive the other way round.

    somewhat bizarrely, if I disable TCP/IP over the incoming connections (leaving just NetBeui, Client for microsoft networks and file and printer sharing), the win98 machine tells me that is cannot connect to the host computer, and asks if the cable's plugged in.

    Even more bizarrely, if I try and set up a direct connection from the win2k computer to the win98 computer and run DCC on win98 as host, the win98 machine reboots whenver I try and establish a connection.

    I had got this working a while ago, but it was so slow I used my SparQ to transfer data instead, but my SparQ has just died. Since it was last working, I have installed commview as a trial, which replaced some dial up networking adapters, and tiny personal firewall. I have tried uninstalling the first and disabling the latter, with no effect. I have tried deleting and reinstating the users, the connections, and even the LPT ports. I have made sure that the port types match, and tried ECP, EPP and bi-directional. I have tested the cable, which works fine, and neither machine has any problems printing. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling direct cable connection. I have tried creating a new user to log in under on both machines, separate from that I use to log onto my work domain. I have made sure that the win98 machine is not set to log on to an NT domain in client for microsoft networks. I have checked that my dial up internet access works on the win2k machine after uninstalling commview.

    Please help

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    Re: DCC Hell

    A couple of 10BaseT net cards ($15 ea) and a cross-over cable will get you in business at a speed of 10MB.

    As I recall from ancient history, DCC transfers bits serially.

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