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    We have created several MS Word DOT templates for our standardized correspondence within our company. Recently the location of these templates changed and that's when we discovered the original creator hard coded a path within each DOT.

    Example: had original path as c:\templates\view but now the location has changed to c:\templatesA\view.

    Outside of going into each DOT to change this path, is there a way to make a global change somehow? Any feedback would be appreciated as we have several of them to change, if not.

    Thank you!

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    I'm not sure where you would find a hardcoded path in the DOT file. The usual problem is that each DOC file created based on that template stores the path of the original template. When Word opens the DOC and can't find the DOT in the original location, it checks its other defined template paths (personal, workgroup), and if it doesn't find it there either, defaults to We've had some threads on whether it is possible to bulk update the DOC files, but I don't recall any easy solution off the top of my head.

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