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Thread: XP Installation

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    I have been having problems with my Dell Laptop Latitude D610. I got a lot of good advice from here and the things that I did seemed to fix the problems for a while but I finally decided that I needed to start over. I didn't have a copy of XP but a guy I know gave me a copy that he wasn't using anymore, moved on to W7, and said that as long as I had the 25 digit code on the bottom of the computer, which I did, that I should be able to install from the CD.

    I tried it, doing a full install, wiping out the old C drive and creating a new partition and everything seemed to go OK, a couple little glitches where it told me that it couldn't find a file but when I hit Enter to have it try again, it apparantly found them. After I got done and tried to reboot it said that it was missing Windows\inf\biosinfo.inf. I found it on the installation disk and copied it over to that directory but am still having the same problem.

    I tried re-installing twice and have run into the same problem both times. Any suggestions? Thanks for your help.

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    I didn't have a copy of XP but a guy I know gave me a copy that he wasn't using anymore
    Your not by any chance installing your friends "OEM" XP disk are you?
    You will run into trouble with an OEM XP disk, but not a "genuine XP disk".
    Invest a little time and energy in a well thought out BACKUP regimen and you will have minimal down time, and headache.

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    An OEM installation disk is tied to the machine it originally came with. If your friend's machine is for example, an HP, that alone would prevent it from installing correctly on a Dell.

    If this is the situation you are in, you might be able to find an XP OEM disk for sale on NewEgg or TigerDirect, or your favorite parts house. NewEgg or TigerDirect ship a new OEM disk along with a piece of hardware to make the sale legitimate. Once you install it on a single PC, it is not supposed to be installed on any other machine under any conditions.

    Or, if you have an image backup of your original XP install, you can restore it and avoid any expense.

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    File not fond errors during a Windows installation is an indication of a damaged CD, You can try cleaning the CD with water and a soft cloth and then trying a repair install. Otherwise, you need to find another CD.


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    Although the OEM license to activate and use an installation of XP is tied to the PC it originally came with, any Dell-branded XP installation CD (or copy) should work to provide the installation, as long as it's not damaged.

    Software on Dell-branded XP installation CDs checks the BIOS to make sure it's a qualifying system (such as a Latitude D610) before allowing installation, and subsequently automatically activates the installation with one of Dell's volume license keys, so the product key on the label attached to the bottom of the notebook isn't even necessary in most cases for home users.

    You might be able to borrow a Dell XP CD, or have someone burn a copy for you.


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    If you try to reinstall on an unstable machine and get ANY errors during installation it is almost always hardware failure. I have tried this many times over the years. Sometimes the installation will work on the second or third try but I am always left with a machine that crashes.

    most common points of failure for me are

    Harddrive (running a full format, not the quick variety during install will sometimes find this one)
    power supply
    and once in a great while the mother board

    YMMV but this is my experience. Of course a bad CD will also cause this problem.

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