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    I've been using this tool for years and it's great.

    It allows you to search for a string in your database objects and replace them.

    I often inherit a database created by the less well informed with field names like 'Date' or 'Percentage' or one of the other reserved words. or with special characters in it, like '-' (minus sign) or '%'.

    Tip - I always make my field names with at least two words, separated by an underscore. That way you can't possible use a reserved word. Why the underscore and not just Camel Case? Well it makes it easy to see in my code that I'm refering to a field and not some other object type. I do use naming conventions for most objects although not for tables.

    This tool makes it easy to do a global search and replace in tables, queries, macros, forms and reports. (but not macros in 2007)

    Yes it works!!! No more going back to Access 2002 or 3 to run it. Even seems to work with ACCDBs.

    version 9.0j yes 'J'. is tooted on the website for all 200x versions.

    I installed it, seemingly, but it wasn't there in Add-Ins on the ribbon. That's because it's found in the Add Ins Drop down in Database Tools.

    I had to re- enter my registration code but didn't have to pay for an upgrade.

    you can find it at and no I'm not an affiliate just a greatful user.

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    You're preaching to the choir.
    Mark Liquorman
    See my website for Tips & Downloads and for my Liquorman Utilities.

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    A cautionary tale.

    I have also been using it for years. When you perform a find and replace operation, you have the choice of choosing "Replace All" or doing them one by one.
    With any Replace All , there is scope for making disastrous mistakes.

    I use Camel Case for field and table names, but I was working with some inherited data that had used Kentg's underscore convention. So I decided to change it by removing all underscore characters.

    Replace all underscores with nothing...Sound safe..I never want underscores.

    But! (too late)

    All event procedures have underscores in their names.

    Private Sub cmdVendorList_Click() had become Private Sub cmdVendorListClick() and so did not work anymore.

    So I then had to do things like

    Replace Click() with _Click() etc then manually work through all modules fixing the rest. (Fortunately it was fairly early in a job so there was not too much code yet.)

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    I also have been using Find and Replace for years. It has saved me a lot of work. But as with anything that can save you work can also cause a lot of midnight candle burning.

    Always remember and never forget, be careful, as a carpenter should measure twice and cut once. Check your settings before to press go.

    Don't make excuses. It's what you do, not why you didn't.

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