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    I am working with a corporation that has 24 workstations running XP sp3. We have a couple of applications that require .net framework versions 1.1, 2.0, 3.0 and 3.5. I have been unable to get updates KB979909 and KB979906 to install correctly on any of their machines. I did get it on one by uninstalling it manually with the .net framework cleanup tool and uninstalling two of the applicatins that require it, then installing all the versions manually, running all the updates and reinstalling the aps. Obviously this is not a good solution on 24 workstations.

    We have one Win7 workstation that updated flawlessly but it seems to run the aps with only .net 3.5.1 which is native on 7 as part of the OS.

    Has anyone else had trouble with these two updates and have you found a simpler solution?

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    Check out this article:

    Here is a Quote from it.
    ► What to do: If you are offered .NET updates this week, I urge you to hold off on installing them. Any reports of installation problems should appear soon. The only way I know to recover from a failed .NET update is to use Aaron Stebner's removal tool (blog page) and then reinstall .NET.
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