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    I transferred my contacts from Outlook Express (Windows Address Book) first to Outlook 2010 and then I tried Windows Live Mail. In each case, the contacts tranferred fine but none of the dozens of folders they were organized in.

    Over the last 5+ years I organized 100s of contacts into dozens of folders and now I can't figure out a way to transfer this folder structure to an email client on Windows 7, which no longer supports Outlook Express.

    Does anyone have any suggestions?


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    I suggest that you export all to a .csv file, pull the csv file into Excel and populate one of the 'User' fields with the 'Folder' name. Once you have this, most all email programs have a means of importing the csv file and assign the existing fields to appropriate fields in the new program. If it does not have this import capability, try a different one. I recommend Thunderbird 3.
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