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    I do not use Office 97 or any other similar MS products - no need to use them.

    However I do have a set of CD TUTORIALS for Office 97 which are made for Win 95/98/NT 4.0.
    I would like to review the basics on how to make a PP presentation and use Excel on these CDs.
    I don't need nor do I own the latest and greatest MS Office.
    I also would like to avoid Open Office.
    I have TUTORIALS which I bought for Office 97 and am only interested in BASICS of using the programs.
    I will likely make ONE PP presentation in my life and ONE Excel file in my life.
    Hence I don't want to buy more since this TUTORIAL set was never used since I bought it.

    Based on what I know, installing and running this set on an XP machine should not present any COMPATIBILITY problems.
    CORRECT ???

    Thanks in advance.

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    We'll need a bit more detail on what format the tutorials are in. For example are they short videos? A set of documents?

    Meanwhile, what do the instructions that came with the CD tell you to do with it? Simply put in the CD tray?

    If the tutorial package is a complete stand-alone thing then it probably will 'work' if you just put it into the CD tray of your XP based PC and follow any installation instructions.

    However, it's not unreasonable to expect a tutorial package to assume that the software it's trying to teach you about is already on the PC, so that you can work through any examples it give you. Which then raises the question do you already have Office 97 installed on your XP based PC?


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