I'm using IncrediMail (big mistake - but I can't go back to OE and import my old mail <img src=/S/doh.gif border=0 alt=doh width=15 height=15>) and I'm concerned about IM's handling of worms/viruses/etc. that can inflict Outlook and Outlook Express.

Since IM is quite similar to OE, I'm worried that it may have the same weaknesses. Of course I'm using virus checkers, etc., and they HAVE saved me from downloading any infected attachments so far, but I'm still concerned. (Yes, I scan everything I download.)

Because I'm not a "registered premium user" IncrediMail support has refused to answer my questions.

Does anyone have any info on this? Thanks in advance!

By the way...
If anyone has any information/software that DOES import IM messages into Outlook Express - please let me know!!
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