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    Hello all,
    Lately on all my OS's i have been getting these "spam software offers" and occasionally they make it into my regular mail (Firefox \Yahoo Mail) Usually they are poorly written and contain multiple spelling errors On my "7" machine all patches and updates, and my Vista-0 ( no patches or updates) are having this happen as well. Is anyone else receiving these or similar things? The sender is always some crazy woman's name @ some hotmail address. Sometimes they go away for a while then start up without warning. Any clues or advice would be appreciated Regards Fred
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    I think this spam, and the software items are mis-spelled on purpose to get through spam filters set up to stop these type offers. It's practically impossible to stop them all. That's why Delete is my most used used button. You could set up dozens of spam filters and these jerks would come up with more. Life in the 21st century is getting more complicated all the time. I do not get these identical ones, but get many others. Been getting a lot of Facebook adult offers. That's why we said goodbye to Facebook for good. Plus the fun blue pills (Viagra, Cialis, you name it)
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    I've had something similar to this to awhile back but not recently. The worst thing to do is respond to them, as if
    you didn't already know that. LOL
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    I add them to the JUNK listing of Outlook. I am not sure what these other programs have as far as "Junk" filters.
    True this will NOT get them from the "onetime" used accounts, but some I add the full domain to the junk list. But be very careful as you will BLOCK everyone using that domain.

    At times I would like to block domains such as AOL, HotMail, Yahoo and etc, but I have to many contacts that used these ISP's.

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    In Web Mail, these offers go directly to my SPAM folder and are reported (Yahoo Paid). In my client (Eudora/Thunderbird) they go directly to Trash. Always unopened. Yes, we all get spam. And we can all delete it or report it.
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