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    Hi. I hope this is a simple question: What is the property (or collection) in a document that corresponds to the fields/columns in the document's SharePoint Library that are exposed via the drop-down list in Insert: QuickParts > Document Properties? (I simply want to iterate through them to validate the values they already store.)

    Using a quick and dirty "For/Next" routine, I've ruled out the BuiltInDocumentProperties and the CustomDocumentProperties collections, because they don't list the fields shown in Document Properties - Server panel. (Interestingly, I tried to record the act of inserting one of the quickparts/properties, and got a conspicuously Watergate-like empty recording!)

    As always, thanks in advance for your help!
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    I don't see the server panel on my machine (no Sharepoint) so I can only offer a suggestion. I would have looked in the two places you said failed so we will need to get more inventive to work out where the metadata lives.

    Try changing the docx filename to end in .zip and then search through each of the xml files contained within for the text you are looking for - I would search for the server name that you see in the document assuming that name is unlikely to appear anywhere else in the document. If you find it, what xml document is it in and what tag/attributes appear to contain it?
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