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    Computers are not my generatiion.

    I found a YouTube video that is 34 MINUTES LONG.
    I've asked people in my computer club several times but no one either knows or will answer.

    If I DL this file and save it for posterity >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

    1) How long will it take in minutes to DL it to my computer on DSL at 768kb ????
    2) How big will the file be in MB I assume ???
    3) I have software to convert YT files into different formats and one of them is that the most common and smallest format I should save it in if I want to burn it to CD for viewing by others ???

    Quality of video IS NOT the main consideration since it is a talking presentation and not fancy video.

    Thanks for any kind of a response since I am in the dark right now.
    Answers can be approximate at best since I don't want to fill up my hard drive with a HUMONGOUS 34 minute file.

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    1) That depends on a number of factors, including how busy the YouTube server is, how your home network is set up (wireless will take longer than wired), etc. When I have downloaded YouTube videos I have found that usually they will download in 1/2 to 1/3 the time as their run time. But then I have cable, not DSL. But the download speed is usually a small fraction of the speed possible.

    2) That also depends on a lot of factors, including the quality at which the video was recorded. As examples, I have several videos I downloaded and here are some of the video times and their sizes: 4min30sec - 28MB, 3min24sec - 8MB, 3min35sec - 12MB. As you can see the file size various widely.

    3) I usually use MPEG2, but then that gives DVD-quality.

    Another possibility, since all you appear to be interested in is the audio, is to use a Firefox plugin that grabs the sound from the video - it will generate an MP3 file which should be about 30MB.

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