I have Adobe Standard 8 installed with all updates. It came on the PC and I use it just often enough to want to keep it even though it is causing me a problem. Let me continue by saying that I have PDF-XChange viewer associated with the .pdf extension making it my default pdf app. Now to my problem. My accounting software (Sage Pro w/o Message Master), is capable of generating documents as pdf's and is supposed to use it's provided pdf printer (Amiyuni Document Converter) to generate the pdf. It should then display the newly created pdf with the default pdf app. That doesn't happen. Instead, Distiller generates the pdf which is then displayed by Acrobat.

I mostly create pdfs of invoices then add annotations and email them to clients so would much prefer that the pdf be displayed with PDF-XChange viewer bit I can not figure out how to prevent Distiller from getting in the way, short of uninstalling it. Any suggestions would be welcome.